What Students Say About the Classes & Readings

I'm taking Linda Mendonsa's Find Your Highest Potential in Your Chart astrology class and I have to take a moment to rave about it. I've always felt like there was magic in astrology and that my natal chart held the key to how I could thrive in this world. I'm finding that key through this class. So many keys, in fact. It has allowed me to finally wrap my head around how the planets, signs and houses can work together to offer me all the tools I need to move through the world in a more purposeful and enjoyable way. To feel like I not only understand why I'm here, but how I can put one foot in front of the other to bring the big "Why" into a grounded experience of my life.... I'm so glad I took the leap and made this investment in myself.

- Day H., Idaho, USA

I’m currently halfway through this brilliant course. If you’re sitting in the fence about doing it, I highly recommend you do. Linda’s course is exactly what I was looking for. Her classes pull apart the complexity of astrology and guide you through in a wonderfully systematic way. I had done my own study for a few years, but my learning was scattershot, these classes are pulling the pieces together. I also love having a mentor who is truly interested in your journey and generous with her time. Brilliantly organised. Something I very much appreciate.

- Fi H., Sydney, Australia

I completed Linda Mendonsa’s Find Your Highest Potential in April of this year. I have been studying Astrology in the classroom environment for the last 4 years. I’m always looking for new and different ways of looking at astrology. I feel so lucky to have found Linda. She presents the materials in a unique and precise manner. She invites her students not to just memorize but to dig deep into the signs and houses and learn new ways to discover themselves. It’s a course designed to make one think and to feel. So whether you are well versed in the basics of astrology or a newbie wanting to learn about the stars and how they apply to your life I highly recommend Linda’s Find Your Highest Potential course, you will find her to be a wonderful mentor who is always willing to help guide you and happy to answer your questions. Do yourself a favor and dive in!

- Susan K., Florida, USA

After participating in and completing Linda’s “Find Your Highest Potential,” there’s healing that a person can get with understanding the challenging aspects in one’s chart. Linda encourages and teaches her students to take these challenging aspects and see them as opportunities to grow rather than just accept them as blockages. These tools that Linda teaches us are invaluable. She breaks everything down and guides us…Most times the classes feel like group therapy rather than a class! If you’re serious about learning about yourself using your birth chart and Astrology, you will not regret taking this course. Only thing I regret is not stumbling across Linda sooner.

- Tammy M., Washington, USA

I’m taking the ’Find Your Highest Potential in Your Chart’ class and am blown away by the depth and quality of the course! I am learning so much about astrology and myself... I had a major epiphany doing this. Not only did it help me to clarify my main calling and motivator in life, it helped me to traverse through turmoil that had presented itself to me in the last couple weeks, that I just could not mentally drop. I feel I have a newfound perspective! I would highly recommend this course to anyone… I am now able to use astrology to aid me in my life decisions, and I have discovered my purpose in life…If you’re looking for clarity, purpose, and to use the universe’s energies to your advantage, then definitely sign up!

- Christina L., Colorado, USA

I highly recommend taking Linda Mendonsa’s amazing class, “Find Your Highest Potential in Your Chart”! I have been learning astrology on my own for close to a year now, but her class has given me a whole new way to understand my own chart as well as astrology! I can’t wait to take more of her classes in the future. It was extremely transformational and brought so many things to light that I wasn’t aware of. Linda’s energy is amazing and her teaching style is unique. Not only is her class super informative, but she is so responsive, answers all of your questions and takes the time to explain everything in so much detail. I love learning from someone who is so passionate about what they teach!

- Kristin M., North Carolina, USA

I am so glad that I decided to take Linda’s astrology class, “Find Your Highest Potential in Your Chart.” We are about halfway through and I’ve learned more in these six weeks than in all of the years I’ve dabbled on my own, not really knowing where to find the best information. Linda’s organized style takes you systematically through the learning process in an easy and fun step-by-step way, allowing you to piece together all of information in a coherent fashion. She has been practicing for such a long time and is such a wealth of information, it is immensely helpful having her as a resource. She is very generous and patient in answering all of our questions. I am looking forward to the personal consultation with her that is included in the course. With all of the information that’s out there it’s hard to know what to trust, and I feel like I’m getting a good, solid foundation to begin my journey.

- Laura M., Florida, USA

I am in Linda Mendonsa's "Find Your Highest Potential in Your Chart" Course. I am enjoying it immensely. The learning of Astrology is such a transformative and profound experience. Learning the energies and layers in your own chart is so interesting, your chart is an endless rabbit hole of information, that you can reach your highest potentials and understand and nurture your challenges. Taking this course has been and still is an amazing experience. All the delicious information is delivered in a step-by-step building approach which helps you create a deeper understanding of yourself through Astrology. Linda's easy-going nature along with her wealth of information has provided a great learning environment. I usually have 101 questions and she is most happy to take time to answer them to better my understanding. If you’re thinking about delving into the world of Astrology, I would highly recommend you take this course! You will discover yourself through your chart and be forever grateful as you reconnect with yourself in a very profound way, and make some great friends along the way!

- Rose V., Australia

I am in the middle of Linda Mendonsa’s course, Find Your Highest Potential, and I’m lovin it! Linda has done an outstanding job putting together her course, the added materials that help you stay on track and her friendly and open disposition makes all feel welcome. You can tell when someone really cares about what they touch when every detail has been attended and from a deep understanding, a form of simplicity is created. Thank you, Linda, for all your hard work and dedication for the benefit of many to learn.

- Robert L., North Carolina, USA

I am currently taking a course with Linda on how to read my own chart and find my highest potential. If you really want to learn HOW to read a chart, …I highly recommend doing so with Linda. I personally have listened to and been a part of several astrology groups for years now, even taking basic courses through these groups. With Linda's very easy step by step instructions, this is the first time I personally feel confident in reading my own chart, and I'm only halfway through the course. It's so easy to go down a million rabbit holes with astrology...and this has helped me to focus…!

- Kathy I., Alberta, Canada

As a new student to astrology, I am very happy - I learned how to read my birth chart & was able to answer questions I've always had about myself. Linda is a patient teacher. I never felt like I couldn't ask a question or that my questions were dumb. She answered them all & made sure I understood her answers. I highly recommend this course. I went from a total beginner to someone able to read & understand my birth chart & how it affects me & my life experiences!

- Jill Z., California, USA

I am a little more than halfway through Linda Mendonsa’s course, Find your Highest Potential and I definitely recommend her course to anyone studying Astrology. Her weekly classes and workbook are very detailed and engaging. Just when I thought I knew a lot, I keep learning new information. She is a Professional Astrologer that is willing to share a wealth of knowledge. This is a must course for anyone looking to further their Astrology studies!

- Tasha G., Texas, USA

The Finding Your Highest Potential course was so outstanding, that I am now in the second course, The Times of Your Lives! Before knowing about Linda, I cobbled together an understanding of astrology from books, the web, and elsewhere. All these bits and pieces aligned and reinforced themselves through the structured learning of this course. Learning from an expert with a group of other learners is the best way for me to understand concepts and apply them to my studies. Linda's teaching methods unpack esoteric concepts in an orderly pace that minimizes anxiety and maximizes enjoyment.

- Philip S., California, USA

After many years of purchasing astrology books, trying to teach myself astrology as the courses I looked at were way above my means, I stumbled across Linda and signed up to her Find your highest potential course... This course teaches everything you need to know but goes one step further, it makes you look at you, learning your own chart to find your highest potential…Linda goes well above the line with her teaching skills, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, nothing is too much for her no matter what questions I ask. My only regret, not finding Linda years ago.

- Joanne T., United Kingdom

What People Say About Their Readings

A huge thank you to Linda Mendonsa for her wonderful insights in reading my birth chart. I have come away with lots of concrete information about my gifts and how to use them out there in the world... there were things that I did not see in myself but am so thrilled that they are right there in my chart. I am so grateful for the many gold nuggets that she shared and feel empowered to follow this wisdom! This was a deliciously validating, affirming and fun experience!

- Stephanie H., USA

I had a chart reading yesterday from Linda, I learned some very good insights for the next couple of years. She pointed out natal and transits in my chart that I had not seen or interpreted myself. The reading was like a living dynamic energy, so right on. I’m so glad I gave this gift to myself. Now I can be aware of the patterns and make better choices that are for my best interests. I want to be more focused on the Astrology Course too after this reading. Thank you Linda.

- Darlene C., Colorado, USA

Just wanted to share with y'all the experience we had having a personal chart reading by Linda. First of all, it was me and my dearest friend at the same time! We got to pick a few topics each that we told her about prior to the reading so she could better prepare. We didn't think the reading was going to have time for everything but to our surprise she touched on everything. My friend picked past lives and relationships and I picked career, location and life purpose. You're probably thinking "Wow, that's a lot" and it is!! She also threw in some friendship synastry for me and my friend. All of it resonated so much and gave us both things to anticipate in the near future. Having taken Linda's Finding Your Highest Potential class I was able to understand so much more than ever before! Learning about my upcoming Chiron return was my favorite part and I'm definitely looking more into that! Linda explains things so well and really breaks things down and helps you to understand them in a personal way. She is a wonderful guide and mentor! So glad I found her to help me navigate this wonderful world of astrology. On a scale of 1-10 Linda is an 11.

- Wendy W., Texas, USA

Linda provided clarity and helped me figure out the answers to my questions. She explained things clearly and thoughtfully, taught me about astrology and taught me a lot about my own chart. Her gifts of astrology knowledge plus language skills and teaching ability shine!

- Lori D., California, USA

Hey everyone! I want you to know that Linda earns a 5-star review for a reading that she gave me a few weeks ago. She identified several major themes and lifelong issues that resonated deeply with what has been my life trajectory. Her accurate reading is what convinced me to join her class because I felt that I would learn a lot from her.

- Taahirah A., North Carolina, USA

Linda's teachings and knowledge of astrology have helped me make business and personal decisions, and get to know myself more fully and deeply and learn more about my clients and friends and understand them on a deeper more meaningful level.

- Katya D., California, USA​

Linda has been amazing on all fronts, in both readings and classes. I have learned an incredible amount from her. She is a true professional astrologer…I found the current year astrological chart most fascinating, knowing the direction my year was taking, and affirming that I was taking the right steps towards success.

- Ana T., California, USA

I recently had an Astrology Birth Chart reading with Linda Mendonsa. She was so genuine, authentic, and precise— not to mention, super kind. I truly enjoyed it. I agreed with everything she pointed out to bring up that she felt was important for me to be aware of with great accuracy. I would recommend her to all my friends or anyone seeking suggestions on an astrologer. She was spot on!

- Krysta M., USA